024 Kode Mana

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024 Kode Mana

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What is area code 024?

Area code 024 is a telephone area code in Indonesia. It covers the city of Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province. Medan is a major economic and cultural center in Indonesia, with a population of over 2.4 million people.

History of area code 024

Area code 024 was first introduced in 1989 to meet the growing demand for telephone services in Medan. Before the introduction of area codes, all telephone numbers in Indonesia were assigned a six-digit number.

Importance of area code 024

Area code 024 is essential for identifying telephone numbers in Medan. It allows people to distinguish between telephone numbers in Medan and other parts of Indonesia. This is important for routing calls, billing purposes, and emergency services.

Other area codes in North Sumatra

While area code 024 covers Medan, other areas in North Sumatra have different area codes. For example, 061 covers Deli Serdang, 0621 covers Binjai, and 0622 covers Langsa.

Tips for calling area code 024

When calling a telephone number in Medan, be sure to include the area code 024. You can dial the area code directly or use the +62 country code followed by the area code and the seven-digit telephone number.

For example, to call the telephone number 024-7891234 in Medan, you can dial:

  • 024-7891234 (directly)
  • +62-24-7891234 (using the country code)


Area code 024 is an important part of the telephone system in Medan, Indonesia. It allows people to identify and connect with telephone numbers in the city, making it easier to communicate and do business. It's crucial to understand how to use area codes properly to ensure smooth communication.

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