024 Kode Bank Apa

2 min read Jun 12, 2024
024 Kode Bank Apa

What bank is 024 code?

The bank code 024 is associated with Bank Central Asia (BCA), a major commercial bank in Indonesia.

BCA is known for its extensive branch network across Indonesia, its wide range of financial products and services, and its digital banking platforms.

Here are some key details about BCA:

  • Full name: Bank Central Asia
  • Head office: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Founded: 21 May 1957
  • Website:
  • Swift Code: CENAIDJA

The 024 code is used in various financial transactions involving BCA, including:

  • Bank transfers: When initiating a transfer to a BCA account, you'll need to include the 024 code as part of the recipient's bank details.
  • Bill payments: Many utility bills and other payments can be made through BCA's network using the 024 code.
  • ATM withdrawals: Some ATMs may require the 024 code for certain transactions.

If you're looking to interact with BCA, the 024 code is a crucial identifier that you should keep in mind.

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