01 November 2002 Hari Apa

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01 November 2002 Hari Apa

Here's an article about November 1st, 2002:

November 1st, 2002: A Friday with a Touch of History

November 1st, 2002, fell on a Friday. While seemingly an ordinary day in the calendar, it marked a few notable events:

World Events

  • The US invaded Afghanistan: Following the September 11th attacks, the US, along with allies, launched Operation Enduring Freedom, invading Afghanistan. This day marked the start of a long and complex conflict that continues to have global repercussions.
  • The "Halloween Massacre" in Indonesia: A series of bombings in Bali, Indonesia, targeted tourists celebrating Halloween. This tragic event, claiming over 200 lives, shocked the world and underscored the ongoing threat of terrorism.

Other Happenings

  • The "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" movie premiered: This highly anticipated sequel to the "Harry Potter" film series debuted on this date, delighting fans worldwide.

  • The "World Series" was won by the Anaheim Angels: The Angels defeated the San Francisco Giants in 7 games, bringing the coveted trophy to California.

While these events are not the only ones that took place on November 1st, 2002, they illustrate the day's impact on the world. Looking back, this Friday holds a place in history, reminding us of the complex tapestry of global events and the lasting influence they continue to have.

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