02 November 2005

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02 November 2005

November 2nd, 2005: A Day of Historical Significance

November 2nd, 2005, was a day marked by several significant events across the globe. Here are some of the key happenings:


  • Venezuela: Hugo Chávez won a landslide victory in a referendum that granted him the authority to extend his presidency. This decision sparked protests and concerns about the consolidation of power within the country.
  • United States: Hurricane Wilma made landfall in Florida, marking the third major hurricane to hit the state within a month. The storm caused extensive damage and left millions without power.


  • Music: U2 released their eleventh studio album, "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb." This critically acclaimed album became a commercial success and included hit singles like "Vertigo" and "City of Blinding Lights."


  • Soccer: Arsenal and Liverpool played a thrilling FA Cup match, which ended in a 1-1 draw. The match was notable for the controversial penalty decision that led to Arsenal's goal.

Other Events:

  • Science: NASA's Deep Impact mission successfully impacted comet Tempel 1, marking a significant event in the study of comets and the early solar system.
  • Technology: Apple Inc. unveiled the iPod Nano, a smaller and more portable version of the iconic MP3 player.

While these events may seem disparate, they reflect the diverse nature of the world and the myriad happenings that occur on a daily basis. November 2nd, 2005, was a day that resonated with both political and cultural significance, leaving a mark on history.

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