0.8 Ampere Berapa Watt

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0.8 Ampere Berapa Watt

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What is the Relationship Between Amperes and Watts?

Amperes (A) and watts (W) are both units of electrical measurement, but they represent different quantities. Amperes measure the rate of electrical current flow, while watts measure the rate of energy consumption or power.

To understand the relationship between amperes and watts, we need to consider voltage (V). Voltage is the electrical potential difference that drives the current.

The formula that connects these three quantities is:

Power (W) = Current (A) × Voltage (V)

Calculating Watts from Amperes

To calculate the wattage from amperes, you need to know the voltage. Here's how:

1. Determine the voltage. This is usually indicated on the device or appliance you're working with. For example, a standard household outlet in the US provides 120 volts.

2. Multiply the current (amperes) by the voltage. For example, if you have a device that draws 0.8 amps at 120 volts, the power consumption is:

0.8 A × 120 V = 96 W

Therefore, a device drawing 0.8 amperes at 120 volts consumes 96 watts of power.


Let's say you have a small electric fan that draws 0.8 amps of current and operates at 120 volts. To calculate its power consumption in watts, you can use the formula:

Power (W) = Current (A) × Voltage (V)

Power (W) = 0.8 A × 120 V = 96 W

This means the electric fan consumes 96 watts of power.

Important Note:

It's crucial to remember that the wattage calculated using this formula only applies to the specific voltage you used in the calculation. If the voltage changes, the power consumption will also change.

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