0.8 Ohm Berapa Watt

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0.8 Ohm Berapa Watt

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Understanding Watts, Ohms, and Voltage in Vaping

In vaping, it's crucial to understand the relationship between watts (W), ohms (Ω), and voltage (V). These three factors determine the power output of your vape device and the resulting vapor production. Let's dive into the key concepts:

Watts (W)

Watts represent the power output of your vape device. Higher wattage generally means more vapor production and a hotter vape experience.

Ohms (Ω)

Ohms measure the resistance of your coil. Lower resistance coils allow more current to flow, resulting in higher wattage output.

Voltage (V)

Voltage is the electrical pressure pushing through the circuit. Higher voltage leads to increased wattage output.

Calculating Watts: The Formula

The relationship between watts, ohms, and voltage is described by the following formula:

Watts (W) = Voltage (V) x Voltage (V) / Resistance (Ω)

This formula allows you to calculate the wattage output based on your coil's resistance and the voltage provided by your battery or mod.

0.8 Ohms: An Example

Let's take the example of a 0.8-ohm coil. To determine the wattage output, we need the voltage. Assuming your mod provides 4 volts:

W = 4V x 4V / 0.8Ω = 20W

This means that with a 4-volt output and a 0.8-ohm coil, your vape device will produce 20 watts of power.

Importance of Safe Wattage

It's essential to choose a wattage setting that is safe for your coil and battery. Overloading a coil with excessive wattage can cause it to overheat, burn, or even explode. Always consult the manufacturer's recommendations for your specific coil and battery.


Understanding the relationship between watts, ohms, and voltage is fundamental for vapers. By using the formula and considering safety factors, you can calculate the wattage output of your device and enjoy a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.

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