027 Itu Nomor Apa

less than a minute read Jun 12, 2024
027 Itu Nomor Apa

What is 027?

"027" is a country code used for telephone numbers in New Zealand.

Here's how it works:

  • International Calls: When you're making an international call to New Zealand, you'll typically dial +64 followed by the local 7-digit number. The "027" is already included in the +64 country code.
  • Domestic Calls: Within New Zealand, you dial the 027 followed by the local 7-digit number.


  • There are also other area codes in New Zealand, such as 021, 022, 03, 04, 06, and 07.
  • The specific number after the area code might indicate a mobile number, landline number, or a toll-free number.

If you're looking to reach a specific person or business in New Zealand, you'll need to know their full phone number, including the area code and the 7-digit local number.

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