0267 Area Code South Africa

2 min read Jun 12, 2024
0267 Area Code South Africa

Area Code 0267 in South Africa

The area code 0267 is associated with the Modimolle region in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

Location and Scope

Modimolle, formerly known as Nylstroom, is located in the Waterberg District of Limpopo. The area code 0267 encompasses the town of Modimolle itself, as well as surrounding rural areas.

Significance of the Area Code

Area codes are an essential part of South Africa's telephone network. They are used to identify specific geographic regions, allowing for efficient routing of calls.

Using the Area Code

When dialing a number within the 0267 area code from another location in South Africa, you will need to include the area code. However, if you are making a call from within the 0267 area code itself, you can omit the area code.

Additional Information

  • The area code 0267 is part of the Telkom network.
  • For international calls to numbers in the 0267 area code, you will need to use the South African country code +27 followed by the area code and the local number.


The area code 0267 serves as a vital identifier for the Modimolle region in Limpopo, South Africa. It facilitates clear communication within the area and allows for efficient routing of calls throughout the country.

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