0262 Telephone Country Code

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0262 Telephone Country Code

Country Code +262: A Guide to Calling Madagascar

The country code +262 is associated with Madagascar, a large island nation located in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa. This code is crucial when making international calls to Madagascar, ensuring your call connects correctly.

Understanding Country Codes

Country codes are standardized prefixes used in international dialing to distinguish between different countries. They are usually two or three digits long and precede the local telephone number.

Using +262 for Calling Madagascar

To make a call to Madagascar from another country, you will need to dial:

  • +262 (the country code for Madagascar)
  • Followed by the local area code (if applicable)
  • Followed by the local telephone number

For example, to call the number 020 123 4567 in Antananarivo (the capital city), you would dial:

  • +262 20 123 4567

Important Notes

  • Mobile phones: When calling a mobile phone number in Madagascar, you can often omit the area code, dialing directly +262 [mobile number].
  • Calling from within Madagascar: When calling within Madagascar, you will not need to dial the country code +262. You simply dial the local number as usual.

Other Uses of +262

While +262 primarily represents Madagascar, it's important to note that it can be associated with other territories or entities, though these are less common. It's always best to verify the specific location before making a call.

Additional Information

For more specific information on dialing procedures, long-distance charges, or international calling services, you can consult your local phone provider or a reliable online resource.

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