0254 Area Code Philippines

3 min read Jun 12, 2024
0254 Area Code Philippines

0254 Area Code: A Comprehensive Guide

The 0254 area code is a relatively new addition to the Philippine telecommunications landscape. It was assigned to Cabanatuan City and surrounding areas in Nueva Ecija in 2023. This area code covers a significant portion of the province, which is known for its agricultural products, vibrant culture, and growing economy.

Understanding the 0254 Area Code

The introduction of the 0254 area code was a necessary step to accommodate the increasing demand for telephone lines in Cabanatuan City and Nueva Ecija. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) implemented this change to ensure efficient and reliable communication services for the region.

What does 0254 cover?

The 0254 area code covers a wide range of locations in Nueva Ecija, including:

  • Cabanatuan City (the provincial capital)
  • Gapan City
  • San Leonardo
  • Santa Rosa
  • Aliaga
  • Guimba
  • Jaen
  • Palayan City
  • General Tinio
  • Zaragoza
  • Carranglan
  • Cuyapo
  • Talugtug
  • Bongabon

How to dial numbers with the 0254 area code

To make calls to numbers with the 0254 area code, follow these simple steps:

  • From within Nueva Ecija: Simply dial the 7-digit number directly.
  • From outside Nueva Ecija: Dial 0254 followed by the 7-digit number.

Importance of the 0254 Area Code

The introduction of the 0254 area code has significant implications for the region:

  • Improved Communication: It ensures a more efficient and reliable communication system, catering to the growing needs of the region.
  • Economic Growth: Easier access to communication services can contribute to economic development, facilitating business transactions and attracting investments.
  • Enhanced Identity: Having a dedicated area code helps to establish a distinct identity for Cabanatuan City and Nueva Ecija in the national telecommunications landscape.


The 0254 area code represents a significant development for Cabanatuan City and Nueva Ecija, symbolizing growth and progress. This change will not only improve communication services but also contribute to the overall development of the region. With its unique identity and potential, the 0254 area code is poised to play a vital role in shaping the future of Nueva Ecija.

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