0252 Kode Area Mana

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0252 Kode Area Mana

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What is area code 0252?

Area code 0252 is located in the state of North Carolina. It is assigned to the Eastern part of the state, specifically serving several counties along the Atlantic coast. This includes the cities of Greenville, Washington, and New Bern, and covers portions of Pitt, Beaufort, and Craven counties.

History of Area Code 0252

Area code 0252 was implemented in 1995 to alleviate the strain on the existing area code, 919. This move aimed to ensure that the region had enough numbers to cater to the growing population and demand for phone lines.

Cities and Towns Covered by Area Code 0252

Here are some of the major cities and towns served by area code 0252:

  • Greenville
  • Washington
  • New Bern
  • Ayden
  • Kinston
  • Winterville
  • Belhaven
  • Oriental
  • Bath
  • Aurora

Calling Area Code 0252

When calling from outside of North Carolina, you will need to dial 1 before the area code and the phone number. For example, a phone number in the 0252 area code would be dialed as 1-252-XXX-XXXX.

If you are calling within North Carolina, you do not need to dial the area code if you are calling within the same area code. However, it is always recommended to dial the full number, including the area code, to ensure that your call goes through correctly.

Fun Fact

The eastern part of North Carolina is known for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and Southern charm. It is a popular destination for tourists, especially during the summer months.


Area code 0252 is a vital part of the communication infrastructure in Eastern North Carolina. It connects residents and businesses in the region and allows them to stay connected with the outside world. The area is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, making the phone lines a vital part of the local economy.

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