0251 Kode Wilayah Mana

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0251 Kode Wilayah Mana

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What is Area Code 0251?

Area code 0251 is a telephone area code in Germany. It covers the city of Stuttgart and surrounding areas. This area code is part of the Baden-Württemberg region.

History of Area Code 0251

The area code 0251 was first introduced in 1992, along with other area codes in Germany, as part of the country's transition to a national dialing plan. This meant that all calls within Germany, including those to areas with the same area code, would require dialing the full area code.

Using Area Code 0251

When making a call to a number within area code 0251, you must always dial the full area code (0251) followed by the local seven-digit number.

For calls from outside of Germany, the international dialing code (+49) must be used, followed by the area code (0251) and then the local number.

Importance of Area Code 0251

Area code 0251 is significant because it is associated with Stuttgart, a major city in Germany, known for its automobile industry and cultural attractions. It is also a hub for many businesses and organizations.

Interesting Facts About Stuttgart

  • Stuttgart is the capital of Baden-Württemberg, the third-largest state in Germany.
  • The city is known for its Mercedes-Benz headquarters and its Porsche Museum.
  • Stuttgart is also home to the State Opera House and the Stuttgart Ballet.


Area code 0251 is a crucial part of the German telephone system, representing a significant and bustling region. It's associated with a major city and its surrounding areas, making it important for businesses and individuals alike.

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