0251 Kode Tlp Daerah Mana

2 min read Jun 12, 2024
0251 Kode Tlp Daerah Mana

Berikut adalah artikel tentang kode area 0251:

What area code is 0251?

The area code 0251 is used in Indonesia. It covers the city of Bandung in West Java.

Bandung is a bustling city known for its vibrant culture, delicious food, and scenic mountain views. It's a popular tourist destination, with attractions like the Gedung Sate, Kawah Putih, and Tangkuban Perahu.

Here are some important things to know about the 0251 area code:

  • It's a fixed-line area code: This means it's used for traditional landline phone numbers.
  • It's not used for mobile phones: Mobile phone numbers in Bandung use a different area code, usually starting with 08.
  • It's only valid in Indonesia: If you're calling from outside Indonesia, you need to include the country code +62 before the area code.

For example, if you're calling a phone number in Bandung with the area code 0251 from the United States, you would dial +62 251 [phone number].

If you need to find a specific phone number in Bandung, you can use an online directory service or search for the business's website.

Remember: Always double-check the area code before making a phone call to ensure you're reaching the right location.

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