0251 Kode Telepon Mana

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0251 Kode Telepon Mana

Oke, ini artikel tentang kode area 0251:

What is the 0251 Area Code?

The 0251 area code is a telephone area code used in Germany. It covers the city of Kassel and its surrounding areas.

Kassel, Germany

Kassel is a city located in the state of Hesse in central Germany. It is known for its rich history, culture, and beautiful architecture. Some of the notable landmarks in Kassel include:

  • The Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features a palace, gardens, and a monumental fountain.
  • The Fridericianum, a historic building that hosts art exhibitions and events.
  • The Documenta, a renowned international exhibition of contemporary art that takes place every five years.

Other Uses of 0251

Besides Kassel, the 0251 area code may also be used in other smaller towns and villages in the surrounding region. This means that a call from 0251 could be originating from a variety of locations within the area.

Calling from Outside Germany

When calling from outside Germany, you need to dial the international dialing code for Germany (+49), followed by the area code (0251), and then the subscriber's number.

For example, to call a number in Kassel from the United States, you would dial: +49 251 [subscriber number].


The 0251 area code is an important part of the German telecommunications system. It serves to connect people in and around Kassel, and it plays a vital role in facilitating communication within the region.

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