0235 Kode Area Mana

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0235 Kode Area Mana

Oke, berikut ini artikel tentang kode area 0235:

What is Area Code 0235?

Area code 0235 is a telephone area code in Germany. It covers the city of Hamburg.

The History of Area Code 0235

The area code 0235 is a relatively new area code, introduced in 2002 to handle the growing number of phone lines in Hamburg. Previously, the entire city of Hamburg used the area code 040. The introduction of 0235 helped to alleviate congestion and ensure that phone numbers could be allocated more efficiently.

Using Area Code 0235

When dialing a phone number in Hamburg with the area code 0235, you must always include the area code. This is because it's a non-geographic area code. This means that it does not correspond to a specific geographical location, but rather to a particular telephone exchange.

For international calls to Hamburg, you will need to include the country code +49 before the area code.

Important Notes

  • While the area code 0235 is used for Hamburg, not all phone numbers in Hamburg have this area code. Some phone numbers still use the older area code 040.
  • You can always use an online directory or phone lookup service to find the correct phone number and area code for a specific person or business in Hamburg.

If you have any further questions about area code 0235, you can consult a local phone directory or contact your telephone service provider.

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