0232 Kode Area Mana

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0232 Kode Area Mana

Here is an article about the 0232 area code:

What is the 0232 Area Code?

The 0232 area code is a telephone area code located in Norfolk, England, in the United Kingdom. It covers the city of Norwich and its surrounding areas. It is part of the East Anglia region.

History of the 0232 Area Code

The 0232 area code was first introduced in the 1990s as part of a larger plan to introduce area codes to the United Kingdom. Prior to that, the area was served by the 01603 area code. The introduction of the 0232 area code was part of a plan to modernize the UK telephone system and to allow for more efficient routing of calls.

Using the 0232 Area Code

When calling someone with a 0232 area code from within the United Kingdom, you will need to include the full 10 digit number, including the area code. For example, to call a number in Norwich, you would dial 0232 followed by the seven-digit number.

If you are calling someone with a 0232 area code from outside of the UK, you will need to include the country code, which is +44. So, the complete number would be +44 232 followed by the seven-digit number.

Areas Covered by the 0232 Area Code

The 0232 area code covers a variety of towns and villages in the Norwich area, including:

  • Norwich
  • Acle
  • Bawdeswell
  • Blofield
  • Cawston
  • Coltishall
  • Dereham
  • East Harling
  • Fakenham
  • Hingham
  • Loddon
  • North Walsham
  • Reepham
  • Sprowston
  • Wymondham
  • Yarmouth

If you are unsure whether a particular number is in the 0232 area code, you can always check on a telephone directory or on an online telephone lookup service.

It is important to note that the 0232 area code is only for landline phones. Mobile phones in the Norwich area are not assigned the 0232 area code. Instead, they use a variety of other area codes, such as 077, 078, and 079.

This area code is a vital part of the telephone infrastructure in Norwich and the surrounding area. It allows people to communicate with each other easily and efficiently.

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