023 Kode Telepon Daerah Mana

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023 Kode Telepon Daerah Mana

Tentu, berikut artikel tentang kode area 023:

023 Area Code: Where is it located?

The 023 area code is located in the South West of England, specifically in the counties of Dorset, Wiltshire, and Hampshire.

This area code encompasses several towns and cities, including:

  • Bournemouth
  • Poole
  • Southampton
  • Salisbury
  • Winchester
  • Swindon
  • Weymouth
  • Christchurch

This area code is also known as the "Bournemouth" area code, as it is the most significant city located within this area code.

History of the 023 area code

The 023 area code was introduced in 1995 as part of the National Telephone Numbering Plan (NTNP) in the United Kingdom. This plan aimed to modernize the UK's telephone system and introduce a more efficient way of assigning telephone numbers.

Why is the 023 area code important?

The 023 area code plays a crucial role in identifying telephone numbers within the South West of England. It helps to ensure that calls can be routed correctly and that it is easier to identify which region a call is originating from.

What is the significance of the 023 area code?

The 023 area code is significant as it represents a large and diverse region in the UK. The area covered by the 023 area code is known for its beautiful coastline, historic towns, and thriving cities. It is a popular tourist destination and is also home to a wide range of industries.

The 023 area code is a vital part of the UK's telecommunications infrastructure and continues to play an important role in connecting people and businesses within the South West of England.

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