0221 Kode Area

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0221 Kode Area

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What is Area Code 0221?

Area code 0221 is a telephone area code that serves parts of northeastern Iowa, specifically Black Hawk County, and the city of Waterloo.

History of 0221 Area Code

The 0221 area code was introduced on January 16, 2022, as a new area code to serve the growing population of the region. This was due to the depletion of available phone numbers in the previous area code, 319.

Cities and Towns in 0221 Area Code

Some of the major cities and towns served by area code 0221 include:

  • Waterloo
  • Cedar Falls
  • Evansdale
  • Hudson
  • La Porte City

Using the 0221 Area Code

When making a call to a number within the 0221 area code, you must dial the full ten-digit number (including the area code). For example, if you are calling a number in Waterloo, Iowa, you would dial (0221) 555-1212.

Other Area Codes in Iowa

Area code 0221 is not the only area code in Iowa. Other area codes in the state include:

  • 319
  • 515
  • 563
  • 712

Importance of Area Codes

Area codes are an important part of the telephone system. They help identify the geographical location of a phone number, making it easier to connect calls and provide services. They also allow for efficient use of phone numbers, ensuring that there are enough numbers available for everyone.


Area code 0221 is a relatively new area code that serves parts of northeastern Iowa. It is an important part of the telephone system in the region and helps to ensure that there are enough phone numbers available for everyone.

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