0221 Itu Nomor Apa

2 min read Jun 12, 2024
0221 Itu Nomor Apa

What is 0221?

"0221" is a telephone area code used in Indonesia.

Where is 0221 used?

The 0221 area code covers the city of Bandung, which is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia.

What does 0221 mean?

The area code "0221" itself doesn't hold any specific meaning. It's simply a unique identifier for phone numbers within Bandung.

How to call a number with 0221 area code?

To call a number with the 0221 area code from within Indonesia, you simply need to dial the full number, including the area code.

For example, to call the number 0221-1234567, you would dial 0221-1234567.

For international calls, you would need to use the country code for Indonesia, which is +62.

Therefore, the complete number for international calls would be +62 221 1234567.


The 0221 area code is just one of many area codes in Indonesia. There are different area codes for different cities and regions in the country.

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