021 Nomor Telepon Apa

2 min read Jun 11, 2024
021 Nomor Telepon Apa

What is the 021 Area Code?

The area code 021 is used for Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It is a very common area code and is used by millions of people in the city and surrounding areas.

History of the 021 Area Code

The 021 area code was introduced in 1983 when Indonesia first implemented a nationwide telephone numbering plan. It was originally assigned to the entire Jakarta metropolitan area, but as the city grew, new area codes were introduced for surrounding areas.

Using the 021 Area Code

When making a phone call to a number with the 021 area code, you must dial the full area code. This is because Indonesia uses a closed numbering plan, which means that all phone numbers must be dialed with the area code, even if you are calling within the same area.

Examples of Phone Numbers with the 021 Area Code

Here are some examples of phone numbers with the 021 area code:

  • 021-12345678
  • 021-98765432
  • 021-555-1234

Important Notes

  • The 021 area code is not used for all of Jakarta. There are several other area codes in use for different parts of the city.
  • Mobile phone numbers in Jakarta do not use the 021 area code. They use other area codes, such as 081, 082, and 085.

If you need to call a number in Jakarta, be sure to check the area code before dialing.

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