021 Itu Nomor Apa

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021 Itu Nomor Apa

Berikut adalah artikel tentang kode area 021:

What is area code 021?

The area code 021 is the area code for Jakarta, Indonesia. It covers the entire Jakarta metropolitan area, including the five administrative cities of Jakarta:

  • Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta)
  • Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta)
  • Jakarta Barat (West Jakarta)
  • Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta)
  • Jakarta Timur (East Jakarta)

021 is one of the oldest area codes in Indonesia and is used by millions of people. It is also a popular code for businesses and organizations located in the Jakarta area.

Why is it called "021"?

The "0" at the beginning of the code is a standard prefix for Indonesian telephone numbers. The "21" part of the code was originally assigned to the city of Jakarta, which was known as Djakarta before 1945.

How to use area code 021

When calling a phone number in the 021 area code from within Indonesia, you must dial the full number, including the area code. For example, if you are calling the number 021-555-1212, you would dial 021-555-1212.

However, if you are calling from outside Indonesia, you must first dial the international country code for Indonesia, which is +62. Then, you can dial the area code and the phone number, like this: +62-21-555-1212.

Other area codes in Jakarta

While 021 is the main area code for Jakarta, there are also several other area codes used in the city:

  • 0251 - used for some areas in Bogor, West Java
  • 0264 - used for some areas in Tangerang, Banten
  • 0212 - used for some areas in Jakarta, especially for government and public services
  • 0211 - used for some areas in Jakarta, especially for mobile phone services

These area codes are often used to distinguish different areas within the Jakarta metropolitan area.

In summary, the area code 021 is the main code for the Jakarta metropolitan area in Indonesia. It is a widely recognized and important code for businesses, residents, and visitors alike.

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