02 8556 Area Code Australia

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02 8556 Area Code Australia

Tentu, ini adalah artikel tentang kode area 02 8556 di Australia:

02 8556 Area Code: A Guide to This Australian Region

The 02 8556 area code is a geographic area code used in New South Wales, Australia. It covers the Greater Sydney region, specifically the south-west portion of the city.

Where Does 02 8556 Area Code Cover?

The 02 8556 area code encompasses a wide range of suburbs, including:

  • Bankstown
  • Campsie
  • Canterbury
  • Lakemba
  • Punchbowl
  • Roselands
  • Wiley Park

This area is known for its diverse cultural scene, vibrant local businesses, and easy access to the city centre.

Key Features of the 02 8556 Area Code:

  • High population density: This area code is home to a significant portion of Sydney's population, making it a bustling and active region.
  • Multicultural diversity: This area is renowned for its diverse cultural communities, contributing to its vibrant and rich character.
  • Strong business presence: Numerous businesses operate within the 02 8556 area code, ranging from small local shops to larger corporations.
  • Excellent transport connections: The area benefits from convenient access to public transport networks, including train lines and bus services.

Staying Connected in the 02 8556 Area Code:

If you need to reach someone in the 02 8556 area code, remember to include the full area code before the local number when dialing from outside the region. For example, a local number in the area code would be 02 8556 XXXX.

For international calls, you'll need to include the country code for Australia, which is +61.


The 02 8556 area code is a key part of the Greater Sydney region, offering residents and businesses access to a thriving community, diverse cultural experiences, and excellent connectivity.

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