01.00 Wib Berapa Wita

less than a minute read Jun 11, 2024
01.00 Wib Berapa Wita

Oke, ini dia:

What time is 01:00 WIB in WITA?

WIB (Western Indonesian Time) is 7 hours ahead of WITA (Central Indonesian Time). Therefore, 01:00 WIB is 16:00 WITA.

Here's a breakdown:

  • WIB: 01:00
  • WITA: 01:00 - 7 hours = 16:00

It's important to note that Indonesia uses three different time zones:

  • WIB (Western Indonesian Time): UTC+7
  • WITA (Central Indonesian Time): UTC+8
  • WIT (Eastern Indonesian Time): UTC+9

This means that there can be a significant time difference between different parts of Indonesia. For example, if it's 01:00 WIB in Jakarta, it's 02:00 WITA in Makassar and 03:00 WIT in Jayapura.

This can be helpful to know when making phone calls or scheduling meetings with people in different parts of Indonesia.

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