0098 Mobile Country Code

3 min read Jun 11, 2024
0098 Mobile Country Code

Understanding the 0098 Mobile Country Code

The 0098 mobile country code (MCC) is a unique identifier assigned to Iran by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). This code is used to distinguish Iranian mobile networks from others around the world.

What is a Mobile Country Code (MCC)?

An MCC is a three-digit number that identifies a country or geographic region within a mobile phone network. It's part of the International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), a unique identifier for each mobile phone subscriber. The MCC is the first three digits of the IMSI, followed by the Mobile Network Code (MNC), which identifies a specific mobile network operator within a country.

Why is the 0098 MCC Important?

The 0098 MCC is crucial for several reasons:

  • International Roaming: When a mobile phone user travels outside their home country, their device uses the MCC to connect to the appropriate network in the new country.
  • Network Identification: The MCC helps mobile phone networks identify and authenticate users who are roaming or connecting from other countries.
  • Data Routing: The MCC plays a vital role in routing calls and data traffic between different mobile networks globally.

MCCs in Iran

Iran currently has two major mobile network operators:

  • MCI (Mobile Communications Company of Iran): This operator uses the MNC 10 within the 0098 MCC.
  • MTN Irancell: This operator uses the MNC 01 within the 0098 MCC.

Using the 0098 MCC

The 0098 MCC is generally used behind the scenes and is not something that mobile phone users typically interact with directly. However, it's a fundamental part of the global mobile phone infrastructure that ensures seamless communication and data transfer across borders.

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