00965 1 Country Code

2 min read Jun 11, 2024
00965 1 Country Code

00965 Country Code: Everything You Need to Know

The country code +965 or 00965 represents Kuwait. This code is used for international calls to Kuwait, ensuring your call reaches its intended destination.

Understanding Country Codes

Country codes are essential for international communication. They help identify the specific country you want to call. When you dial a phone number with a country code, you're essentially telling the phone network to route your call through the correct international lines.

Using the Kuwait Country Code

Here's how you typically use the Kuwait country code in international calls:

  • +965: This is the standard format for using country codes in international dialing.
  • 00965: Some older phone systems may require you to use the double zeros (00) before the country code.
  • After the Country Code: Follow the country code with the local phone number. Local numbers in Kuwait usually have 8 digits.

Example: To call a phone number in Kuwait, starting with 97123456, you would dial:

  • +965 97123456

Why You Need the Kuwait Country Code

Using the country code is crucial because:

  • Correct Routing: It ensures your call reaches the right destination.
  • Avoiding Confusion: It eliminates confusion with local phone numbers within Kuwait.
  • International Calls: Country codes are necessary for making calls outside your own country.


Always verify the correct format and use the appropriate country code for any international calls you make to avoid any issues.

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