00855 Which Country Code Number

2 min read Jun 11, 2024
00855 Which Country Code Number

Country Code +855: Cambodia

The country code +855 is used for Cambodia. This means that if you are calling someone in Cambodia from another country, you will need to dial +855 followed by the local phone number.

Understanding Country Codes

Country codes are a system of numbers used to identify different countries in the world for international calls. They are typically added before the national phone number to reach a destination outside of the caller's country.

Dialing Conventions

To dial a number in Cambodia from outside the country, you would typically follow this format:

  • +855 + Local Phone Number

For example, to call a number 12345678 in Cambodia from the United States, you would dial +855 12345678.

Important Notes

  • Some mobile phone carriers or calling apps may have their own methods for international dialing. It is always best to consult your carrier's instructions.
  • The "plus sign" (+) is often used to indicate an international prefix, but depending on your phone or calling app, it may be necessary to use a different prefix, such as "00."
  • Always check the specific dialing instructions provided by your phone service provider for the most accurate information.

By understanding country codes and dialing conventions, you can easily connect with people in Cambodia and around the world.

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