00855 Nomor Daerah Mana

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00855 Nomor Daerah Mana

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Country Code +855: Where is it From?

The country code +855 is associated with Cambodia. It is used for all telephone numbers in the country, whether landline or mobile. When dialing an international call to Cambodia, you will need to use the country code +855, followed by the area code and the local number.

Why is +855 used for Cambodia?

Every country in the world has a unique country code, which is used to identify the country when making international calls. This system is managed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The country code +855 was assigned to Cambodia by the ITU.

Is the country code +855 the same as the area code?

No, the country code +855 is not the same as an area code. The country code is used to identify the country, while the area code is used to identify a specific geographic region within the country. Cambodia has several area codes, which are used to identify different cities and regions within the country.

For example:

  • +855 23 999 999 would be a phone number for a person in Phnom Penh.
  • +855 12 999 999 would be a phone number for a person in Battambang.

If you are unsure of the area code for a particular city in Cambodia, you can find it online or use a phone directory.

Understanding the country code +855 is essential for making international calls to Cambodia. By using the correct country code, you can ensure that your call is routed correctly and that you are able to reach the person you are trying to contact.

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