00628 Country Code Whatsapp

3 min read Jun 11, 2024
00628 Country Code Whatsapp

Is +628 the Country Code for WhatsApp?

The country code +62 is indeed used for Indonesia when using WhatsApp. The number +628 is not a valid WhatsApp number as it is missing the digits after the "8." You need to have a complete phone number with the country code, area code, and the actual phone number.

Let's break down the country code and how WhatsApp numbers work:

  • +62: This is the country code for Indonesia.
  • Area Code: Each Indonesian region has a unique area code, such as 21 for Jakarta or 31 for Surabaya.
  • Phone Number: This is the unique seven-digit number assigned to a specific phone line.

For example, a complete WhatsApp number for Indonesia might look like this:

  • +62 812 345 6789

Why is the country code important?

The country code is crucial for WhatsApp because it allows the app to route messages to the correct recipient. Without the correct country code, your message will not be delivered.

Tips for adding contacts on WhatsApp:

  • Double-check the country code: Ensure you use the correct country code for the person you are adding.
  • Ask for confirmation: It's always a good idea to ask your contact to confirm their complete phone number.
  • Use a reliable source for country codes: There are many websites and apps that provide accurate country code information.

Remember, WhatsApp relies on your phone number for communication. Having the correct country code and a complete number is essential for sending and receiving messages.

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