00 O'clock Easy Lyrics

4 min read Jun 11, 2024
00 O'clock Easy Lyrics

00:00 - An Easy Guide to the Lyrics

"00:00" is a captivating track by the talented Swedish singer-songwriter Zara Larsson. The song carries a melancholic yet hopeful vibe, capturing the bittersweet feeling of reflection at the cusp of a new day. Its easy-to-follow lyrics make it a song that many can relate to and enjoy.

Breakdown of the Lyrics

The lyrics of "00:00" paint a picture of introspection and longing. Here's a simple breakdown:

Verse 1:

  • The song starts with Zara describing a night spent alone, filled with thoughts about a past relationship. She mentions being awake at midnight, contemplating the memories.
  • The lyrics "I'm lying here, with the city lights / And the sound of the silence" evoke a sense of solitude and contemplation.


  • This part expresses the longing for the lost love, with lines like "Maybe I'm still in love, you're still in my mind".
  • The lyrics reveal the lingering feelings and difficulty moving on.


  • The chorus is the heart of the song, emphasizing the emotional crossroads at the stroke of midnight.
  • The lines "It's 00:00, a new day begins / But I'm still stuck on you, in the middle of it all" highlight the struggle between letting go and the lingering attachment.

Verse 2:

  • The second verse delves deeper into the memories of the past relationship.
  • Lines like "I remember our laughter, our secrets, our fights / And how we made it through the nights" showcase the nostalgia and bittersweetness of looking back.


  • The bridge offers a moment of hope and self-reflection.
  • Lyrics like "I'm learning to let go, of all the things we used to be / I'm finding my way, back to me" express the beginning of the healing process and a journey towards self-discovery.


  • The song concludes with a reprise of the chorus, emphasizing the ongoing struggle but hinting at the hope of a new beginning.

The Takeaway

"00:00" is a relatable song about the universal experience of heartbreak and the process of healing. The simple yet powerful lyrics, coupled with Zara Larsson's captivating vocals, make it a song that resonates deeply with listeners. Whether you've gone through a recent breakup or are simply reflecting on the past, the song's message of hope and self-discovery will likely resonate with you.

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