0.975 Berapa Persen

2 min read Jun 10, 2024
0.975 Berapa Persen

Here's an article explaining how to convert 0.975 to a percentage:

Converting Decimals to Percentages

To understand how to convert 0.975 to a percentage, let's first understand the basics:

  • Percentages represent parts of a whole. A percentage is a fraction out of 100, so 50% means 50 out of 100.
  • Decimals are another way to represent parts of a whole. A decimal like 0.5 represents half of a whole (which is equivalent to 50%).

The Conversion Process

  1. Multiply the decimal by 100. This is because a percentage is simply a fraction out of 100.
  2. Add the "%" symbol. This indicates that the number is a percentage.

Example: Converting 0.975 to a Percentage

  1. Multiply by 100: 0.975 * 100 = 97.5
  2. Add the % symbol: 97.5%

Therefore, 0.975 is equivalent to 97.5%.

In Summary

Converting a decimal to a percentage is a simple process of multiplying by 100 and adding the "%" symbol. This allows you to express the decimal as a fraction out of 100, making it easier to understand and compare with other percentages.

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