0.8x 800

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0.8x 800

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What is 0.8 x 800?

0.8 x 800 is a simple multiplication problem. Here's how to solve it:

Understanding the Problem:

  • 0.8: This represents eight-tenths or 80%.
  • 800: This is the number we are multiplying by 80%.

Solving the Problem:

There are a couple of ways to solve this:

  • Direct Multiplication: Multiply 0.8 by 800 directly. You can use a calculator or do the calculation by hand.
  • Percentage Calculation: Since 0.8 is equivalent to 80%, you can find 80% of 800. To do this, multiply 800 by 0.8 (or 80/100).

The Answer:

Both methods will give you the same answer: 640.

In other words, 0.8 times 800 is equal to 640.

Real-World Application

This type of calculation can be useful in various real-world situations:

  • Discounts: If an item is 80% off its original price of $800, the discount amount would be 0.8 x $800 = $640.
  • Percentage of a Whole: If you need to find 80% of a group of 800 people, you would use the same calculation.
  • Scaling and Proportions: When you need to scale something up or down by a certain factor, multiplication with decimals is often involved.


Multiplying 0.8 by 800 is a straightforward operation with a clear answer of 640. This type of calculation has practical applications in various scenarios, making it a useful skill to understand.

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