0.8 Liter Berapa Kg

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0.8 Liter Berapa Kg

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How to Convert Liters to Kilograms: A Guide

It's impossible to directly convert liters to kilograms because they measure different things. Liters (L) measure volume, which is the amount of space a substance occupies. Kilograms (kg) measure mass, which is the amount of matter in a substance.

To convert liters to kilograms, you need to know the density of the substance you're measuring. Density is the mass per unit volume. Here's the formula:

Density = Mass / Volume

To convert liters to kilograms, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the substance: You need to know what substance you're working with (e.g., water, oil, mercury).
  2. Find the density of the substance: You can find the density of common substances online or in a reference book.
  3. Convert the volume to cubic meters: 1 liter is equal to 0.001 cubic meters (m³).
  4. Multiply the density by the volume: This will give you the mass in kilograms.

Here's an example:

Let's say you have 0.8 liters of water. The density of water is approximately 1 kg/L.

  1. Volume: 0.8 L
  2. Density: 1 kg/L
  3. Mass: 0.8 L * 1 kg/L = 0.8 kg

Therefore, 0.8 liters of water weighs approximately 0.8 kilograms.

Important Notes:

  • The density of substances can vary depending on factors like temperature and pressure.
  • This conversion only applies to pure substances. Mixtures will have different densities.

Remember: Always use the appropriate units and be mindful of the density of the substance when converting liters to kilograms.

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