0.8 Freebase

4 min read Jun 10, 2024
0.8 Freebase

0.8 Freebase: A Powerful Tool for Data Extraction and Knowledge Graph Construction

Freebase was a collaborative, open-source database of structured information that aimed to build a comprehensive knowledge graph encompassing various domains. While the service was discontinued in 2016, its legacy continues to inspire and influence modern knowledge graph technologies.

What is 0.8 Freebase?

0.8 Freebase was a specific version of Freebase that introduced several important changes:

  • MQL (Metaweb Query Language): A powerful query language for accessing and manipulating data within Freebase.
  • JSON API: A standardized interface for interacting with Freebase data using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
  • Improved data schema and structure: Freebase 0.8 introduced a more robust and organized schema, enhancing data consistency and usability.

Key Features of 0.8 Freebase:

  • Vast Data Coverage: The database encompassed a wide range of topics, from people and places to music, movies, and sports.
  • Structured Data: Data was organized into a hierarchical schema with entities and attributes, facilitating efficient data retrieval and analysis.
  • Open and Collaborative: The platform encouraged community contributions, enabling anyone to add and edit information.
  • Powerful Querying Capabilities: MQL provided advanced querying capabilities, allowing for complex data filtering and manipulation.
  • API Accessibility: The JSON API provided easy integration with various applications and platforms.

Applications of 0.8 Freebase:

  • Knowledge Graph Construction: Freebase served as a foundation for building large-scale knowledge graphs, which are valuable for tasks such as question answering, information retrieval, and recommendation systems.
  • Data Extraction and Integration: The structured data and API allowed for efficient extraction and integration of information from various sources.
  • Semantic Search: Freebase enabled more precise and comprehensive search results by leveraging the underlying knowledge graph structure.
  • Natural Language Processing: The rich semantic information provided by Freebase aided in natural language understanding and processing tasks.

Legacy of 0.8 Freebase:

Even though Freebase is no longer operational, its impact on the field of knowledge graphs is undeniable. The concepts and technologies developed during the 0.8 era, including MQL, JSON API, and structured data organization, continue to influence modern knowledge graph platforms and applications.


0.8 Freebase represented a significant advancement in the field of knowledge representation and data management. Its open and collaborative nature, combined with powerful querying capabilities, made it a valuable resource for various applications. While Freebase may be gone, its legacy lives on in the evolution of knowledge graph technologies.

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