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0.64/18: Simplifying a Fraction

In mathematics, a fraction represents a part of a whole. The expression "0.64/18" is a fraction with 0.64 as the numerator and 18 as the denominator. To better understand and work with this fraction, we can simplify it.

Understanding the Terms:

  • Numerator: The top number in a fraction (0.64 in this case). It represents the number of parts we have.
  • Denominator: The bottom number in a fraction (18 in this case). It represents the total number of equal parts the whole is divided into.

Simplifying the Fraction:

To simplify a fraction, we need to find the greatest common factor (GCD) of the numerator and denominator. The GCD is the largest number that divides both the numerator and denominator evenly.

In the case of 0.64/18, the GCD is not readily apparent as 0.64 is a decimal. We can simplify this fraction by converting 0.64 to a fraction: 0.64 is equivalent to 64/100.

Now, the fraction becomes (64/100) / 18. To divide by a fraction, we multiply by its reciprocal. The reciprocal of 18 is 1/18.

Therefore, we have:

(64/100) * (1/18) = 64/1800

Now, we can find the GCD of 64 and 1800, which is 8.

Dividing both numerator and denominator by 8, we get:

64/1800 = (64/8) / (1800/8) = 8/225


Therefore, the simplified form of the fraction 0.64/18 is 8/225. This is a more concise representation of the same value, making it easier to understand and compare to other fractions.

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