0.6 X 0.42

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0.6 X 0.42

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Multiplying Decimals: 0.6 x 0.42

In this article, we will be focusing on multiplying the decimals 0.6 and 0.42. Let's break down the steps to find the product of these two numbers:

Step 1: Ignore the Decimal Points

Initially, disregard the decimal points and treat the numbers as whole numbers. So, we have 6 and 42.

Step 2: Multiplication

Now, multiply the two whole numbers together as you would normally.

6 x 42 = 252

Step 3: Count Decimal Places

Next, we need to determine the number of decimal places in the original numbers.

  • 0.6 has one decimal place.
  • 0.42 has two decimal places.

In total, there are three decimal places in the original numbers.

Step 4: Place the Decimal Point

In the product we calculated (252), count three places from the right and place the decimal point. This gives us 0.252.

Final Answer

Therefore, 0.6 x 0.42 = 0.252.

Key Takeaway

When multiplying decimals, ignore the decimal points initially, multiply the whole numbers, and then count the total decimal places in the original numbers to place the decimal point in the final answer.

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