0.5 Meter Kubik Berapa Liter

less than a minute read Jun 10, 2024
0.5 Meter Kubik Berapa Liter

Oke, ini adalah artikel tentang konversi 0.5 meter kubik menjadi liter:

How many liters are in 0.5 cubic meters?

0.5 cubic meters is equal to 500 liters.

Here's how to convert cubic meters to liters:

Understanding the Conversion

  • Cubic meter (m³) is a unit of volume that measures the space occupied by a three-dimensional object.
  • Liter (L) is a unit of volume commonly used for liquids.

The conversion factor is: 1 cubic meter = 1000 liters


To convert 0.5 cubic meters to liters, we use the following equation:

Liters = Cubic meters × 1000

Liters = 0.5 m³ × 1000

Liters = 500 L

Therefore, 0.5 cubic meters is equivalent to 500 liters.


Imagine you have a water tank with a capacity of 0.5 cubic meters. This means the tank can hold 500 liters of water.

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