0.35a Berapa Watt

2 min read Jun 09, 2024
0.35a Berapa Watt

Oke, here's an article discussing how to calculate wattage from 0.35 amps:

Understanding Watts, Amps, and Volts

To determine the wattage (power) of a device, you need to know both the current (amps) and voltage. The relationship is defined by the following formula:

Watts (W) = Amps (A) x Volts (V)

In this case, you've provided the current (0.35 amps), but we need the voltage to calculate the wattage.

Finding the Voltage

  • Check the Device: The most reliable way to find the voltage is to check the device itself. Look for a label or sticker that lists the voltage rating. It might say something like "12V DC," "120V AC," or "240V AC."
  • Power Supply: If the device uses a power supply (like a phone charger), check the power supply unit for the voltage.
  • Consult the Manual: If you can't find the voltage on the device, look in the user manual.

Calculating Wattage

Once you know the voltage, you can use the formula:

Watts = Amps x Volts


Let's assume the device uses 12 volts:

  • Watts = 0.35 amps x 12 volts
  • Watts = 4.2 watts

Important Note:

  • AC vs. DC: Make sure you're using the correct voltage (AC or DC) for the calculation. Most household appliances use AC (alternating current), while electronic devices often use DC (direct current).

Remember, wattage is a measure of power consumption. The higher the wattage, the more energy the device uses.

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