0.3 X 0.85

2 min read Jun 09, 2024
0.3 X 0.85

Here's an article on the multiplication of 0.3 x 0.85:

Understanding Decimal Multiplication

Multiplying decimals is similar to multiplying whole numbers, but with an extra step: determining the placement of the decimal point.

Steps for Multiplying Decimals

  1. Ignore the decimal points. Multiply the numbers as if they were whole numbers.
  2. Count the total decimal places. Add the number of decimal places in each of the original numbers.
  3. Place the decimal point. In the product, count from the rightmost digit and place the decimal point the number of places you determined in step 2.

Calculating 0.3 x 0.85

Let's apply the steps to 0.3 x 0.85:

  1. Ignore decimals: Multiply 3 x 85, which equals 255.
  2. Count decimal places: 0.3 has one decimal place, and 0.85 has two decimal places. In total, there are three decimal places.
  3. Place decimal point: Starting from the rightmost digit in 255, move the decimal point three places to the left, giving us 0.255.


Therefore, 0.3 multiplied by 0.85 equals 0.255. Understanding the process of multiplying decimals is essential for working with fractions and other mathematical concepts.

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