0.3 Liter Berapa Kg

2 min read Jun 09, 2024
0.3 Liter Berapa Kg

Tentu, berikut adalah artikel tentang konversi 0.3 liter ke kg:

Understanding Liters and Kilograms

Liters (L) and kilograms (kg) are units of measurement for different quantities:

  • Liters measure volume, which is the amount of space a substance occupies.
  • Kilograms measure mass, which is the amount of matter in a substance.

Therefore, you cannot directly convert liters to kilograms without knowing the density of the substance.

Density: The Missing Link

Density is a measure of how much mass is contained in a given volume. It's calculated as:

Density = Mass / Volume

To convert liters to kilograms, you need to know the density of the substance you're dealing with.


Let's say you have 0.3 liters of water. The density of water is approximately 1 kg/L.

Here's how to convert 0.3 liters to kilograms:

Mass = Density x Volume

Mass = 1 kg/L x 0.3 L

Mass = 0.3 kg

Therefore, 0.3 liters of water weighs 0.3 kilograms.

Important Note:

The density of substances varies. For example, the density of oil is less than the density of water. This means that 0.3 liters of oil will weigh less than 0.3 liters of water.

To convert liters to kilograms for any substance, you need to know its density.

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