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Tentu, berikut adalah artikel tentang persamaan 0.3 + 0.7x / x = 0.95:

Solving the Equation 0.3 + 0.7x / x = 0.95

This equation involves a single variable, x, and can be solved by following a series of algebraic steps. Let's break down the solution:

Simplifying the Equation

  1. Simplify the fraction: Notice that the term 0.7x / x can be simplified. When dividing a number by itself, the result is 1. So, the equation becomes: 0.3 + 0.7 = 0.95

  2. Combine constants: Add 0.3 and 0.7: 1 = 0.95

Analyzing the Result

At this point, we have a contradiction. The equation 1 = 0.95 is not true. This indicates that the original equation has no solution. There is no value of x that can satisfy the equation.

Possible Reasons for No Solution

There are a couple of reasons why this equation might have no solution:

  • Error in the equation: It's always possible there was a mistake in writing or setting up the original equation. Double-checking the equation is always a good idea.
  • A specific scenario: Sometimes, equations are used to model real-world situations. In such cases, the absence of a solution might mean that the scenario itself is impossible or doesn't have a valid solution within the context of the problem.


The equation 0.3 + 0.7x / x = 0.95 has no solution. This is because the simplification leads to a contradiction, indicating that there is no value for x that can make the equation true.

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