0.2mm2 To Awg

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0.2mm2 To Awg

Converting 0.2mm2 to AWG

The American Wire Gauge (AWG) system is used to standardize wire sizes. While metric measurements like 0.2mm2 are common in some parts of the world, AWG is widely used in North America.

Here's how to convert 0.2mm2 to AWG:

Understanding the Relationship

AWG is a logarithmic scale, meaning each gauge number corresponds to a specific cross-sectional area. The larger the gauge number, the smaller the wire's diameter and cross-sectional area.

Conversion Process

To find the AWG equivalent of 0.2mm2, you'll need a conversion table or a conversion calculator. These tools provide the relationship between cross-sectional areas in square millimeters (mm2) and AWG numbers.

Using a Table:

  1. Find 0.2mm2: Locate the cross-sectional area closest to 0.2mm2 in the table.
  2. Read the Corresponding AWG: The table will provide the AWG number for that cross-sectional area.

Using a Calculator:

  1. Input the value: Enter 0.2mm2 into the calculator.
  2. Select 'mm2 to AWG': Choose the appropriate conversion setting.
  3. Get the result: The calculator will display the equivalent AWG number.

Important Considerations

  • Accuracy: Conversion tables and calculators may provide different results due to rounding or variations in standards.
  • Wire Type: AWG is based on copper wire. If you're working with a different material, the conversion may not be accurate.
  • Practical Usage: It's essential to consider the application for the wire. Ensure the selected AWG meets the requirements for current carrying capacity, insulation thickness, and other factors.


Converting 0.2mm2 to AWG requires using conversion tools to determine the corresponding gauge number. Remember to check the accuracy of the conversion and consider the specific wire type and application for optimal results.

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