0.2ml Berapa Tetes

2 min read Jun 09, 2024
0.2ml Berapa Tetes

Tentu, berikut adalah artikel tentang berapa tetes 0,2 ml:

How Many Drops Are in 0.2 ml?

It's impossible to give a precise number of drops in 0.2 ml without knowing the liquid in question and the dropper used.

Here's why:

  • Drop size varies: The size of a drop is influenced by factors such as the liquid's viscosity, surface tension, and the dropper's design. For example, a thick syrup will form larger drops than water.
  • Dropper design: Droppers come in different shapes and sizes, leading to variations in drop volume.


  • A standard dropper (often found in medicine bottles) delivers approximately 20 drops per milliliter (ml).
  • This means 0.2 ml would roughly equal 4 drops.

Important note:

  • Do not rely on this as a precise measurement. Always follow the instructions on your medication or product for accurate dosage.
  • Use a measuring syringe or other accurate measuring device when possible.

In summary, the number of drops in 0.2 ml is not fixed. It varies depending on the liquid and the dropper used.

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