0.200 Lebih Besar Dari 0.05

2 min read Jun 09, 2024
0.200 Lebih Besar Dari 0.05

Oke, berikut adalah artikel yang membandingkan 0,200 dan 0,05:

0.200 is Greater than 0.05: A Comparison

When comparing decimals, it's crucial to understand place value. Each digit in a decimal holds a specific weight. Here's a breakdown:

  • Tenths: The digit immediately after the decimal point represents tenths (e.g., 0. 2 represents two-tenths).
  • Hundredths: The next digit represents hundredths (e.g., 0.0 5 represents five-hundredths).

Now, let's compare 0.200 and 0.05:

  • 0.200: Two-tenths (0.2)
  • 0.05: Five-hundredths (0.05)

Since tenths are larger than hundredths, 0.200 (two-tenths) is greater than 0.05 (five-hundredths).

Here's a visual representation:

Imagine you have a pie cut into 10 equal slices. 0.200 represents 2 slices out of 10. Now, imagine a pie cut into 100 equal slices. 0.05 represents 5 slices out of 100. Clearly, 2 slices out of 10 are more than 5 slices out of 100.

Key Takeaway: When comparing decimals, always start by looking at the digit with the largest place value. In this case, 0.200 has a non-zero digit in the tenths place, while 0.05 only has a non-zero digit in the hundredths place. This immediately tells us that 0.200 is larger.

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